COVID Survivor Card Game – Designed In USA, FREE Shipping! – Covid Survivor Card Game

COVID Survivor Card Game – Designed In USA, FREE Shipping!

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  • Designed and ships from the USA
  • 1000s of games sold in the USA
  • Perfect for players 2-4
  • Limited edition print run
  • The only COVID themed card game!

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  • WHAT’S THE  GAME ABOUT? The Covid Survivor card game is loads of card playing and stealing fun, while combining tasteful humor and real life scenarios to help players build a better understanding of how social distancing, using proper PPE and other action cards can increase your chances of staying alive in the game!
  • HOW TO WIN: Last player alive wins the game! To win you must play your cards right and defend yourself from going past Fatal Infection status. Play down your protective Gear (PPE) cards, take social distancing seriously and use hand sanitizer, it may be your only way to win the game!
  • SUPER FUN: This game includes loads of fun action cards you can play against your fellow players. Block actions, steal cards, protect yourself and hope you don’t roll a number that will infect you. This game is sure to keep you laughing and playing for hours!
  • EASY TO PLAY: This game takes just a few minutes to learn and includes 4 Quick Start Guides for easy player reference. Each player will receive an infection status card and virus token. Then deal 5 cards to each player and start! Players roll the dice on each turn and move up a level if their roll corresponds with an increase in infection seen on player’s status cards. Next, draw 2 and play 3 actions. Cards are easy to understand, making this one of the simplest games to play for ages 8 and up!
  • PLAYERS: Enjoy fun gameplay from 2-4 players or up to 8 players with our expansion pack. The expansion pack includes loads of new, fun and exciting action cards to keep the game moving!
  • GIVING BACK: We are dedicated to helping others with the profit gained from this game by donating 10% of all net profit to COVID research and hospitals in need of PPE. This game was created with references to real life actions that we all can do to prevent a COVID infection. The game play in Covid Survivor combines humor and real life scenarios to help players build a better understanding of how social distancing and using proper PPE can increase your chances of staying healthy (in the game).
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Featured in the news:

“A game that could imbue a sense of calm while also teaching real-life techniques on how to combat COVID-19”

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“Demand for the game has been so strong that they are selling out. Just developing the game wasn’t enough. They decided that a portion of the proceeds would go to help hospitals purchase personal protective equipment.”

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“COVID Survivor is bringing smiles to people’s faces and at the same time contributes positively to the community.”

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The official COVID Survivor card game is here — A deadly virus is sweeping throughout the entire globe and is about to infect YOU! How will you protect yourself? Will you play your cards right and win the game? The coronavirus is highly contagious and your only chance of survival is how you play the game! Will you take the social distancing activities seriously? Have you stocked up on toilet paper and hand sanitizer? Are you wearing proper PPE? Let’s hope so because your COVID survival can go from minor to fatal in just a few plays! This easy-to-learn game is super fun and addicting while teaching players that social distancing, wearing proper PPE, and avoiding coughs are crucial for survival. HOW TO PLAY: To win the game, you must be the last player standing! — To start the game each player begins with an ‘Infection Status’ card. Each player starts at ‘Healthy Start’ on the card using the provided virus shaped token. As the player continues through the game, this token will be moved up or down depending on how the game is played. On each turn, the player must roll the dice and move up a level if the dice number corresponds with your status on the infection status card. Each player will also have a chance to draw 2 cards and makeup to 3 plays in his/her turn. Staying alive until the end depends on how you play your cards and how you defend yourself. There are cards that allow you to steal from others PPE, some cards protect you from action cards that other players can play against you. Will you be able to survive the COVID survivor game? That all depends on how you play the game. But if you don’t win it’s ok, because we are committed to donating 10% of all net profit attributed to this game to COVID research and hospitals in need of PPE. For more information about our giving visit:

14 reviews for COVID Survivor Card Game – Designed In USA, FREE Shipping!

  1. Jason R.

    A couple of tips: Make sure that you play down the N95 mask and keep in next to your hand. This will allow you to use the N95 maks for awhile. Also, please note that the N95 mask card when in-use can allow for 1X re-roll of any bad roll that you might have from your turn, or from a caugh card being played on you. Once my friends and I learned this, the game was super fun! Overall, very well made game and hilarious! A game for a time like this that won’t be forgotton easily. A+ for creativity and fun to play with friends! Also, price was good for a game so new like this, I paid $14.95 on sale from the $15.95 price which was nice. And free shipping. Thanks!

  2. Lindsey G.

    This game is extremely exciting and well made. We love that we have something to keep us busy during this time and this was the perfect pick! My husband and I love to play card games together and with our family and this one was a fun choice. I’d highly reccomend.

  3. Pat L.

    This is a very clever game, whoever thought of it! Seller is responsive to answer questions from Instagram or from website. Thanks.

  4. Christian M.

    Shipping took around 4 days to receive, but the game was worth the wait. My friends and I are laughing at this wacky game! If you get into the game-play, you will really have fun! Mask N95 card was a little confusing until I realized that the card only helps you for 1X re-roll anytime you roll a bad roll. After you learn that, the game is a lot easier. Generally speaking, it’s fairly easy to learn and play. The cards are very funny. Introvert cards, Stimulus Check cards and the creators even thought of a cheap flights card that forces you to roll but draw 4 cards. The game is hilarious and smart!

  5. Nichole L.

    I can’t believe someone made a game like this! After playing, my friends and I couldn’t stop playing! The cards really are funny, but at the same time, winning the game is hard to stay alive (in the game) if you don’t wear the N95 mask card. Also, using hand sanitizer to stop others players actions was a great addition to the game! love it!

  6. Rachel B.

    Learning how to survive in the game is similar to real life (somewhat)… The game also has some well-meaning humor that will keep you and your friends laughing! The toilet paper card is great too. Ha. Ha. Without toilet paper, you can’t survive in the game, it’s hilarious! Who thought of making this game?! Seriously genius, LOL.

  7. Gamer J.

    It’s a fun game, wear your N95 mask in the game to prevent someone from caughing on you and causing a bad roll. Really funny game, I’ve played many times, it can get intense at times, but overall good game forsure.

  8. Paul B.

    This game is great fun! Takes a few miunutes to learn and I believe does teach some great lessons, at the same time being fun enough to play over and over! Great game and worth adding to your game collection.

  9. Josh B.

    So glad I was able to add this to my game selection. My friends can’t believe it when I bring this game for game night. Just LOVE IT!!!

  10. Gamer48383

    This is a great game, but I will say playing with 3-4 people is a lot more fun than just 2 people. I am excited about the expansion pack when it comes out. I hear it will be great, thanks again for making such a timely game! This will be the talk of any game night party forsure.

  11. Mary A.

    Arrived on time, but I only received 1 game, but ordered 2. 🙁 I messaged the website and they immediatly shipped me another 2 games, so I got a free game with my order! Thanks so much for that, great service, great game.

  12. Emily O.

    Be careful with the virus shaped tokens, they are really small and could get lost easily. They are cute little tokens and fit nicely on the infection status cards. Overall great game, well designed and sturdy box. Glad I was able to get onin stock before it sold out. thanks.

  13. Hannah K.

    This game is flat out genius! Can’t believe someone even ventured to make such a game, but I’m glad they did so I could buy it while it was available. This is a game my friends and I will be playing for years when we remember the year 2020. Super funny game, and actually quite fun to play!

  14. Mus Ken

    I got my sisters to play this with me by promising it’d only take 30 minutes. It was three hours later that we stopped playing. I don’t think we’ve ever laughed so hard or had so much fun with a game. This is a definite hit.

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